Hello.  I'm Nichole and I am a documentary photographer based out of Wilmington, Delaware.

Making art out of any given moment is what I live for. 



When I got my first camera as a little kid, I became obsessed with the idea of freezing time. I would "freeze" everything from my barbies, to dinners my mom would make, to a million pictures of my childhood dog (which I'm sure my parents were just thrilled about since they were paying for my many rolls of  film). In high school it was a handy excuse to skip class and go exploring. My friends and I would drive around on the back roads of Delaware and Maryland in search of abandoned places to explore and photograph - something I may not have done had my camera not inspired me to find these places and further preserve their memory.  Photography is a doorway for me to see interesting places and meet interesting people... I honestly can't get enough of it.  

My entire life since picking up a camera is in pictures that tell the story of who I am.  I would love to help you create the artwork for a chapter of your story. 

I am available for local and destination weddings, events, and normal everyday happenings.

Phone/ 302.650.0722

Email/ nichole@nicholefusca.com

View some of my personal projects here.

Photo of me by my talented friend David Norbut 

Photo of me by my talented friend David Norbut